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This white pegboard display stand is fully rotating. Made up of four perforated metal panels, the four-sided countertop rack is magnetic for versatile merchandising. Also compatible with peg board hooks, the rotating stand gives retailers multiple options for product placement. There is a sign holder at the top for our cardboard header. Each stand has a glossy finish that is sure to complement existing store fixtures. All four 9x24 in panels, the rounded base, and the sign holder have the same neutral finish so as not to detract from the magnets. Easy assembly required.
All Products have upc codes including suggested retail price on the back. If you would like a different price or no upc code please call or e-mail to let us know. 
We will send out our top selling designs. If you would like to choose your own designs just give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and we will be happy to send the designs of your choice.
This white pegboard display rack has a glossy finish to match existing store fixtures. Each rotating stand is freestanding with an X-shaped base for stability. Each floor standing display rack has four 9x48 in magnetic panels that are perforated for use with peg hooks included with our pallet signs. With these store fixtures, retailers have multiple options for product placement. The display rack can stand in high-traffic areas such as entrances and exits, or the unit can be placed near the checkout to encourage impulse purchases. The four-sided, rotating design ensures that patrons will notice the merchandise no matter which direction they are approaching from! The coil-style sign holder included with our header. Easy Assembly Required

 Product      Your Price       Retail
Magnets        $2.50            $  5.99
6in Pallet       $4.50            $  9.99
Ornament      $3.50            $  7.99
B Sticker       $2.50            $  4.99
Colo Pot        $2.00            $  4.99 
5 in Decal      $2.50            $  4.99
2 Sticker        $2.00            $  3.99     
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9x48 in Panels!
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9x28 in Panels!
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